The Most Expensive Home In Ontario

most expensive  home in ontario

The most expensive home in Ontario!! All across the province home values are on the rise. Despite the negative press, the market in Ontario remains strong.

Home values in London Ontario recently tipped the $400k mark for average single family residential homes. Although this feels like chump change in comparison to the most expensive home in Ontario.

1150 Lakeshore Road East in Oakville Ontario

Featured in August 2018, this home was available for a cool $59 Million Dollars! Chester Hall as it is named surprisingly has only 6 bedrooms. With that it boasts 14 bathrooms (cause well, you just never know right?)

42 parking spaces for all that is “extra” about this high priced luxury home. Because if you can afford 59 million dollars, you most certainly have cars. Or possibly additional parking spaces for when your neighbour (Drake) visits.

Situated on 10 acres, the most expensive home in Ontario has access to Lake Ontario complete with a chapel, theatre and games room. For absolute recreation there are both indoor and outdoor pools. Yes, plural. A tennis court and a library for quiet time and leisure.

43,850 square feet of opulence. Built with luxury in mind by it’s current Brew Haven owner, still available for sale to this day. Which is to be expected as a home of this grandiuer is not just for anyone. In this price category, a buyer for the most expensive home in Ontario is quite specific. So for now, this Britain inspired mansion will allow us to have a peek into it’s lavishness.

A great foreshadow into Ontario’s future of home values whereas until now had not see homes of this value and calibre. This price point and distinction found more in provinces like British Columbia. Vancouver in particular.

If you could own a home of this caliber and in this price range what would you include as a must have?

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