Team Building. Why We Do It. How We Do It.

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Team building with The Agency Real Estate Brokerage

Company culture is an important aspect of daily life for any business. When we envisioned opening our own real estate brokerage, surrounding ourselves with like-minded professioals and having a strong team was at the base of our dream.

Team building is something we do regularly at The Agency not just to get and stay connected in what can be an otherwise isolated and competitive industry but also to have a heck of alot of fun together.

Which we most certainly do.

If you follow us on any of our social media accounts you will see that photo shoots are a regular occurence for us. We love these mini events. They create content for us first of all. Secondly we get dressed up and have some laughs. Bathroom selfies and all.

This also allows our agents to get updated headshots as frequently as twice a year. Bonus to this you will recognize them when you see their card or sign.

In the past we have done escape rooms as a group. This form of team building is exceptional. Best for smaller groups as it’s more of an intimate experience. We visited Exodus Escape Rooms in London and did their Gemini Room. We were split into two groups doing two identical challenges so we were able to compete against eachother (fun). With team building  you get to see a whole new dynamic of your group.

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I was on a team with out Wybo Brothers and seeing them work hard together outside of negotiations and the real estate game I typically see was so cool.

We didn’t end up escaping, neither group. The team work was the prize for sure. Well and maybe the beers after too.

When choosing our fall team building event I wanted to stretch it out of the norm. We had seen some growth through out the year and brought on some pretty amazing new people. Being a bit bigger, it can get a little harder to have the personal connection. Which I refuse to sacrifice.

Then we found Murder Mystery at the Marienbad. This event was excellent. It was a private and dramatic from start to finish. I won’t divulge details in case you try it. But we had a dinner that went sideways and we had to work together closely to determine the mystery and the murderer.

Laughs and Laughs ALL AROUND.

team building

team building


The best part?? Our newest agents, some brand new were given the opportunity, forced even to inter-mingle with our more seasoned team members. Team building at it’s absolute finest.

We are due very soon for another team building event in the near future. The planning is n the works. True Agency style, it’s going to be epic.

Not due to my research or creativity. Credit goes to my outstanding team and the culture we have created together.

And of course because, fun is certainly what we bring with us.

What team local team building events have you tried?

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