Scandinavian design is distinctively minimal and known for its functionality. Not a new trend in home design, but new styles and ideas are continually coming out. Not only in the Nordic regions. Many home interiors are embracing these trends. More over, home builders are taking these designs to exteriors and architecture.

Here is what has been recently trending in Scandinavian design, furniture, décor and interiors.

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Mix Old With New
The Scandinavian lifestyle is simplification. You will never find anything excessive in a home centered around Scandinavian design. Using old pieces of furniture mixed with a few elements of new are the perfect starting point for a Scandinavian design in your home.
Older styles are very popular as well. Think “worn leather” and vintage bold accents.

Less is MORE
In true Marie Kondo style, Scandinavian design is about cutting back on everything but essentials. Using what you have and making it work is what it’s all about. Rooms don’t have to be filled with furniture. Just the basics are perfect. The same goes for shelving. Simple, open spaces.

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“Lagom” is a Swedish word meaning “Just the right amount.” This goes a long way in Scandinavian design and should be used in every aspect. When thinking of exteriors of homes, you will find clean straight lines with very little detail, material or accents. For interiors you may find one bold piece or two but for the most part, just the right amount.

Well Thought Out Storage
Ikea has taken the Scandinavian design world by storm with its unique lifestyle pieces. Aimed around Swedish homes that are small and have minimal places to store things. Furniture then becomes the storage. Using coffee tables that open to allow for blanket, pillow and other storage. Or coat racks and kitchen islands designed to look like a piece of art to fit in to the home while allowing ample room to store items. Remember, Scandinavian design centres around simplicity and minimalism, so storage shouldn’t be too much of an issue when working only with the basic necessities.

A Simple Colour Palette
Continuing the simplicity, Scandinavian design has simple pale colours such as grey or white. Also, things are very monochrome and blend easily together. The allows for feelings of calm or peacefulness rather then busy colours or contrasts. Quite often you will find a bold statement such as a light fixture or furniture piece but beyond that everything is very simple and soft.

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Not a new style, around since at least the 20th century Scandinavian design has gained traction in the western countries in the last few years and is believed to grow and continue. Although it is after all a form of design it can be more of a lifestyle.

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