Creating a Real Estate Brokerage’s Inner Culture.

A story of The Agency Real Estate Brokerage.


“A tribe is a group of people connected to one another, and connected to an idea.”

  • Seth Godin, Tribes We Need You To Lead Us

It’s always a great feeling when you set out to do something and then see exactly what you envisioned through the eyes of others. It wasn’t until I had spent one Monday morning working quietly in another room of our new downtown London office, did I come to this realization.

Monday’s are typically our most bustling day in the office.  Almost everyone will pop in for even just a quick coffee to catch up, see what’s new and just connect with one another. I am usually right in the middle of it all. Even though as Broker/Owner I have my own private office. I rarely use it. My favorite place is right in the open work space. Laptop and tea in hand, right there with everyone else. My whole tribe.

This particular Monday I had forgotten my laptop. So I perched myself in the quiet work cubby with one of the desk tops. Just to check my email. Monday office noise all around me. I sat for a moment. Listening.

One of our more seasoned  real estate agents was offering some advice to a brand new one. Giving tips, sharing stories and offering mentoring opportunities at some coming work related appointments coming up.

At another table was one of our sales teams. We affectionately refer to them as “The Boys.” Working together compiling their most recent marketing material. While calling over to our support staff,who sits right in the mix with us. After all, isn’t the support staff at the heart of every real estate brokerage?

Then laughter erupts from another table. Two of our lovely ladies sharing funny client stories and recent social media posts. Feet up and cozy on one of our study benches.

This is it. This is our tribe.

Starting a boutique real estate brokerage with the intention of bringing professionals together in a positive and encouraging environment had always been my goal. Creating a place where within the walls of the building, the people would quickly become family. Connecting like minded people with a similar passion and purpose.

In a lot of cases in corporations, companies, businesses or even families there is one leader at the head of the tribe. Should that leader one day not be there, or change it’s more then likely the dynamic and inner workings of the company changes or leaves completely.

But on the other side of that wall that Monday, I knew that was not the case for us here at The Agency. I, the “leader” ( and please know I use this term about myself within the brokerage very lightly”) was not there and the connection was still very strong. The vibe of the tribe still the same.

I was later having a conversation with someone outside of our brokerage and they were describing what their impression of us as a real estate brokerage was. I was blown away when they used exact words that I have held in my heart of the place I had always wanted to create.

So I took it a bit further and asked new members of our tribe and a few of the OG’s their thoughts and opinions. Goodness Gracious… they were the same.

Words like:

Team Sport, Synergy, Supportive, Open Minded. Connection. Honesty. Got My Back. Same level. Equal. Like minded. Participation. Vibrant. Energy.

and other variations of all of the above.

The point is, they all told the same story.  We had made the same impression. Without telling them our vision in words. But rather obviously, showing them.

That is why I felt it was so important to share the Seth Godin quote at the beginning of this post. If you have read the book or follow Seth you would know that there is an omission in the one I shared. I took out the middle portion that said “connected to a leader.” Because although my tribe is very much connected to me, they can and will go on without me. Just as they are. They are them. Always have been, always will be. Just share the same vision as I. The same dream.

What is also important about this is, I learn just as much from them as they do from me.

So what did I ( or should I say WE) do to create this tribe?

We started with the belief that the cornerstone to success is beginning correctly. Developing a foundation, no matter how long it may take.

Focus on WHO. Not HOW MUCH or HOW MANY.

Work WITH each other, FOR each other. No matter what.

Remove “mine” or “yours” from the entire equation.

Don’t keep secrets. Transparency all the way, every day.

Laugh. Be comfortable. Be YOU.

Like everything, we are still a work in progress. Learning, and progressing regularly is also an important component to our over all culture.

What’s great about it is we are having fun! Crushing our goals!  And living our truth every single day.



Are you a real estate agent or professional? A broker owner? What do you do to nourish your tribe? Tell me what you love most about your brokerage or environment. I am always curious about the world around me. Comment or message me!







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