The process of real estate courses in Ontario has recently changed. Learn about these changes and what you need to do to become a real estate agent in Ontario today and in future.

Real Estate Courses in Ontario have changed.

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The decision to change the education process for becoming a real estate agent in Ontario came in April 2017 when RECO (Real Estate Council of Ontario) chose to take a new direction. OREA (Ontario Real Estate Association) will no longer be providing education to potential real estate professionals.

Previously students would enrol in the Ontario Real Estate College and complete the courses online or in class. 6 seperate courses were required in a pre-licensing phase.

Moving forward from today  those interested in a career in real estate must take new steps in education.

For those previously enrolled (prior to April 2018) still follow the old OREA education program but will have limited time to complete the courses successfully.

For new students there is little information available except that courses will be run by Humber College

If you read through the material on Humber’s website they explain a new approach that includes real life simulation and courses designed and developed by actual real estate representatives.

The new program for real estate courses in Ontario with Humber College is set to begin in July 2019. Applications are  being accepted now.

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How do you think the new program for real estate courses in Ontario will change the industry?

Some have said it will tighten up the enrollment and make it more difficult to become a real estate agent and trade in real estate in Ontario.

Others have said it will help by focusing on real life scenarios and market information more so then the old programs that were said to be outdated and irrelevant.

Are you currently a real estate agent that took the old real estate courses in Ontario?

Contact us and let us know !


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