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Millstone Homes of London, the hottest new builder in the City of London. Known not only for it’s unique and game changing designs and dream home status, also for offering the most unequaled, quality products available on the market.

Even when it comes to the locations of the homes being built. They are carefully elected, designed and presented in such a way that is new to the City of London. Reverently chosen products fill each home , from the flooring to the kitchen all the way down to the accessory options such as driveways and landscaping.

Millstone Homes of London stands out as a builder in the City of London without a doubt.

Here is a list of some of the hottest products used in a Millstone Home.



Some may call the kitchens found in Millstone Homes of London homes Elite. Rightfully so. Each kitchen is carefully crafted by Elite Kitchen Designs. With no detail left unrecognized. From the wood base, to the dove tailed ends and the Blum hardware it is evident the amount of quality that is put in by this esteemed cabinet maker (link). Millstone Homes of London has continually offered kitchens of dreams as artfully selected and featured in magazines.

From traditional, to modern or contemporary. Large, to small scale and elaborate to intrinsic. No matter the choice of the home buyer or client there is certain to be a quality kitchen built and created in every Millstone Home.

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Windows and Doors

Superior to anything sold in Canada for efficiency and style the windows and doors in Millstone Homes of London properties are second to none. European tilt and turn windows with two opening selections and styles offering not only luxurious options but overlying security. With a 9 point locking system, home owners are left with sureity and peace of mind. Lustrous glass panes without cross sections offer a clear view and all of Millstone Homes of London properties the benefit of truly appreciating what is both inside and outside of their elegant homes. The entry doors continue the momentous style and quality and equal security without compromising design or style.

An absolute paramount feature that lifts the transcendence of what is expected and always found in a Millstone Home.

Heated Driveways

Moving away from the characteristic features to others that are not commonly thought of in home building, such as a gratifying feature of a heated driveway. One of the things often not realized as true luxury until one experiences it. Heated driveways not necessarily a standard feature for Millstone Homes of London although most definitely not one to be overlooked. The elemental system offers energy efficiency and convenience not only heating a driveway and garage but doubles as a system that can also heat your swimming pool.

Using this information, it is clear that every property built by Millstone Homes of London has been attentively considered, planned, chosen and designed.

There you have it. A concise look at just some of the details taken into consideration by this quality builder in the City of London. Beyond the products captured here, upon studying Millstone Homes of London it is evident to see the product and experience from start to finish is that of regardful selection and utmost quality of care.

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