Take some time to get to know us! At The Agency Real Estate Brokerage in London, connecting to our clients is very important to us. Helping in one of the most important transactions in your life is what we do. Lindsey Adams, Sales Representative takes a moment to answer a few questions. Read on to learn more about Lindsey Adams!

lindsey adams sales representative


What is your position with The Agency Real Estate Brokerage?


My name is Lindsey Adams and my position at The Agency Real Estate Brokerage is licensed Real Estate sales representative,


How long have you been with The Agency Real Estate Brokerage? 


I’ve been with The Agency since Sept. 2016


What did you do before that?

Before moving to London Ontario and starting at The Agency, I worked for Coldwell Banker in Kitchener, and I was a Weld Team leader at an Automotive manufacturing plant for several years.


What would you say is your area of expertise is if you have one specifically?


I think one of my biggest strengths as a realtor is being able to help a client visualize the potential of a home. I think it’s very important to make sure that your clients understand that by being able to see the potential in a prospective home that may not have everything on their wish list, will open up so many more opportunities. I’ve also been noticing lately that my negotiation skills are proving to be a very useful asset!


Tell us a bit about your personal life. What are you interested in? 


I absolutely love interior design and anything to do with art. If I could redesign my home 3 times a year I would. The inspiration I get everyday, seeing so many beautiful homes has packed my mind full of amazing ideas! I’ve always been into visual arts and painting since i was little. I’m an art nerd. I would say 90% of the art in my home is my own. It’s one of my favourite ways to relax!


If you could give one piece of advice you would give to someone looking to go down the same career path? 


The best results arrive when you leave your comfort zone. Prior to real estate, as outgoing as I am, I had terrible social anxiety. Even making a dentist appointment stressed me out. Now I can cold call all day and not even want to cry, haha!


What is your favorite thing about this career?


My favourite thing about being a realtor is seeing the look on my clients faces when they find ‘the one’ and follow that up with the reaction they have when you tell them the offer was accepted, there’s nothing like it. Making my clients happy and excited for the next big step is an amazing experience. And being able to see so many amazing homes isn’t too shabby either!


Do you have any funny, helpful or interesting stories you can tell that you have experienced in the workplace?


One tip, when showing a student rental property on a Saturday morning, knock VERY LOUDLY on closed bedroom doors before entering… there may be a shocking discovery on the other side if you don’t, and I’ll just leave it at that haha!


What is one thing you wish every person you serve in your industry should know?


I think every consumer should understand, realtors aren’t paid hourly, we aren’t paid until a deal closes, and I think a lot of people don’t realize that we can spend 6 months showing a client homes everyday, we still don’t get paid until their purchase closes. Also, when a realtor asks about your mortgage qualifications and wants you to be pre-approved before looking it’s because they want to make sure the homes you’re looking at are within your budget. There’s nothing worse than showing clients homes for 2 weeks, having them fall in love with one, just to find out they can’t afford it. Not only does a pre-approval reduce the risk of disappointment for the buyer throughout the process, but it gives the realtor peace of mind that they’re not wasting time with a buyer who isn’t serious, or isn’t aware of what they can afford financially. I also find that it’s great to have direct contact with your clients mortgage broker, it helps move the process along much quicker and easier when I can call up a broker prior to writing the offer and say ‘do you think this will be possible?’ Good communication between all parties involved in a deal is very important!


Lindsey Adams is a remarkable asset to our sales team at The Agency Real Estate Brokerage in London Ontario. If you are looking for someone to help with your real estate needs in London Ontario or Kitchener give her a call.