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London Ontario Charities

Philanthropy is a huge part of our business model at The Agency Real Estate Brokerage. It comes from the core of our values and with each and every one of our agents.

All charities are important. There are however, a few that we support and promote regularly because of course, we can only do so much.

Here Are The London Ontario Charities that are making their way into our hearts at The Agency Real Estate Brokerage

WAYS Mental Health Support

the agency real estate brokerage supports ways mental health

A local organization that supports children, youth and their families that face mental health issues and concerns. What we find fabulous about this London Ontario Charity is it’s many faces. Although in the name it focuses on mental health, WAYS is so much more than that. Offering residential care for youth, foster support and homes, out reach and counselling. The under dog in our eyes. A not for profit group that relies on government support and the support from organizations like us, and you.

To Learn More about WAYS visit here.

Find out how you can help this London Ontario Charity here

Just a Bunch of Friends

just a bunch of friends london ontario

That is just what they are. A bunch of friends that venture out into the streets of London offering warm drinks, food and much needed clothing.

This is a regular monthly occurence for this London Ontario Charity group rain or shine. They even take time out on Christmas Eve.

We had the opportunity to join them this past year and it was very humbling.

As they are not a registered charity they do not receive any kind of traditional or organized funding. They rely solely on volunteers and the generous hearts of those who can give.

Typically they are always looking for: seasonal clothing, toiletries, snacks, no perishable food items, of course cash donations and time is of course appreciated.

To learn more about this London Ontario Charity group and how you can help, Follow them on Facebook



519pursuit london ontario

We personally don’t know how much about this particular group but from what we have learned about their pursuit on social media, we are so impressed.

As I am sure you can tell there is a theme forming with the London Ontario charities we are passionate about which is homelessness and at risk youth.

519Pursuit, we believe are very similar to Just a Bunch of Friends and are pavement pounding to help end or at least ease the pain of those struggling with homelessness in London Ontario.

Most recently they were involved in warming centers and even over night sleeping accomodations for those in need during some of the coldest winter nights we have seen in decades in London Ontario.

Follow to learn about their pursuit on Instagram. I am sure you will be as moved and motivated to help as we are.

With so many needs in the world and more specifically our own city there are so many London Ontario charities to choose from. These are just a few that we are passionate about.


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