5 Undervalued Lead Generation Ideas for Real Estate Agents

lead generation ideas for real estate agents


Lead generation is the key to a successful real estate career. There are tried and true methods that work but become increasingly difficult in volatile and changing real estate markets.

With the millennial population now in the homeownership stage, thinking like they do is vital for real estate agents for success in not only servicing their clients, but also in obtaining them.

Although cold calling and open houses are tested and true methods, today’s home buyers and sellers aren’t always attuned to this type of captivation.

When you are trying to build a career in sales, you must stand out. Do things no one else is doing.


The first one is an obvious one. Well, at least if you are looking at attracting millennial clients. Not only is this strategy under valued by real estate agents, in a lot of cases it’s being done wrong.



Some veteran real estate agents have fought against social media as a lead generation strategy for a long time. The simple answer to this can only be lack of understanding. Social media is here to stay. Huge companies use this as their primary source of lead generation. Real estate agents at the very least should be implementing some kind of social media strategy into their lead generation plan.

You don’t need to be an expert to use social media for lead generation in real estate, but you do need to be consistent. There are a ton of experts out that that share tips and ideas on how to use social media for lead generation and branding for FREE.

You also don’t have to be overwhelmed by it. Choose a platform that resonates with you and start sharing your message.

This is the marketing of the future. Never underestimate the value social media will add to your lead generation efforts.

social media for real estate agents


A niche is a specific area of expertise. Niche marketing is focusing on the specific area and becoming the expert in it. An example for real estate lead generation would be investment properties or retirees. This lead generation idea is hugely under valued in most real estate markets. The reason for this I believe, is intimidation or fear (yes, there’s that word again).

What if there already is “a guy”, how can you compete with that? –  It’s simple there can be more then one expert in any one field.

What if it limits your market reach to only clients within that niche?  – Won’t happen. The expertise gets them in the door. Then once you’ve established a relationship with them you showcase that you are more then just the guy who sells the homes of aging parents.

Remember, this should only be one arm of your overall lead generation strategy. You can and should have at least a few others on-going at the same time.


Lastly, although it’s hard for me to call this one an “oldie” but it truly is becoming one.



The first search for a real estate agent starts online. So does the decision to even meet with a real estate agent at all. If you have been contacted by a potential buyer or seller client that contacted you cold, it’s a guarantee they already knew more about you then you think they did.

So, if the search begins online then you better hope they can find you.

Blogging has become one of the best ways to boost your ratings on search engines and your overall visibility on the internet.

It is also a fantastic tool to showcase your knowledge and help buyer and seller clients build trust in you.

Just like the other two options, blogging doesn’t have to be complicated. You answer real estate questions all day every day for your clients. Just type that out and posted it on your blog and voila.

You can easily have a graphic designer or freelancer build a blog for you or you can use any number of DIY blog sites that are very user friendly.

blogging for real estate agents


So, there you have it. 3 great ideas to boost your lead generation efforts that are truly undervalued in most real estate markets.

I challenge you to choose just one and start implementing it today!


Do you have unique lead generation ideas that you use and would love to share?


Give us a comment! We’d love to hear from you.



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