The Hidden Pantry a feature of True Modern Luxury

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Millstone Homes of London has quickly become a renowned home builder in the City of London over the last few years.  For a number of reasons, however the increased interest in the specialty features that can always be found in a Millstone Home.

In this post, I will highlight a favorite Millstone Home feature. The Hidden Pantry.

A pantry is a certain luxury in any family home. A place to store kitchen needs neatly and for easy access. Typically found in or near the kitchen. They can either be a very large cabinets or a small room with a door.

The first time I encountered the spectacular feature of the hidden pantry was in the fall 2017 dream home.  A custom built, Millstone home crafted specifically for the dream lottery. Hidden behind sleek lines of wood panel that appeared to be a wall feature was the stunning hidden pantry. Large enough to walk into with floor to ceiling shelving.

This feature is sought after by almost every modern family. Not only does it allow for ample storage but it is hidden and does not take away from the beauty of a Millstone Homes kitchen.

model home silver leaf estates


Very typical of every Millstone Home, something practical had been turned into beautiful art.


The latest hidden pantry can be found in the most recent model home built in Silver Leaf Estates. Flowing with the unique architecture of this Millstone Home is has some what of a traditional flair. Luxury doesn’t even accurately depict this home, let alone the neighbourhood. Something as practical and convenient as this feature sets the bar for every modern family kitchen.

With the look of cabinetry it opens up to the delightful extra space expanding the use and functionality of a stunning Millstone Home kitchen.


Would you consider a hidden pantry a value added feature in a luxury home? Comment and share your thoughts with us.

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