As a company, supporting local and giving back is something that is very important to us. When The Agency Real Estate Brokerage opened we knew that we wanted to have a component in our business model for “giving back”.  When discussing how we wanted to do this, we thought about all of the things that were important to us and where in our community was there a need for support.

Mental health is finally beginning to be more widely recognized and the stigma is hopefully starting to diminish. With some form of mental health affecting almost every household we knew that there is and always will be a need for support for this epidemic. Supporting youth in need is also a very near and dear thing to us so, it is no wonder when we came across WAYS Mental Health Support  we immediately knew this is where our giving back efforts needed to be.

the agency real estate brokerage supports ways mental health

Every year as a brokerage we do what we can to support WAYS by offering our time as well as financial support as needed, where needed.

For example: each year WAYS hosts an event called “Onstage for WAYS”. This is an evening of entertainment by local artists. In a talent show format there are performers and judges (usually local celebs). Funds are usually raised to help a specific need. In 2017 for the “WAYS Clean Laundry Program”. This was a program developed to offer free laundry facilities for youth that may not have access to enable them to clean their clothing regularly. All funds raised went towards funding the project and building a fabulous facility that youth now have access to.

Sure, teens can be a pain and sometimes not want to bother doing chores such as washing their clothes. Usually because they know if they don’t do it themselves there is someone that can do it for them. Or, they can just do it later as the washing machine, dryer and soap with always be there. Imagine for just a moment. There are teens out there that would do almost anything for a clean sweater but, have no option to do so as they are supporting themselves at such a young age and have no money to access the necessary equipment or supplies.

By giving back to WAYS and attending their event we embraced the reality of this need in our community. This facility is now up and running. We have had the pleasure of visiting it in person. What a fabulous thing this organization (WAYS) has done.

onstage for ways

Onstage for WAYS happens in London every spring. If you are considering how you plan on giving back this year, we strongly encourage that you check this event out.

Another important component of our quest for giving back is sponsoring youth through WAYS at Christmas time. We have done this for 3 consecutive years and let me tell you, it has been nothing less than life changing. Giving back is filled with blessings. Giving back at Christmas time is filled with miracles.

There are a number of youth in our community that live in residential care homes. During the holidays, they may not have family members to buy them gifts to celebrate the season. So we sponsor some by collecting their holiday wish lists and anonymously shop for and purchase their gifts. We are given their lists and a budget. What a joy it is not only shopping for the gifts, but knowing that this small task of giving back will brighten someone’s Christmas morning. Each year in early December we do this outing as a group. We not only get the opportunity to grow together as a team, but we relish in the holiday joy it brings. Each year there is a new story about what we learned through the experience. If you want to read about one heart warming experience we had visit our Facebook page and read “The Story of Keagan”.  Don’t forget the tissues.

We are so fortunate as a company to have the ability to support our community by giving back in ways we know will make a difference. The Agency Real Estate Brokerage is and always will be a strong supporter of this local “under dog” (WAYS) and are always looking for other opportunities to make our city a better place.

What are your ways of giving back? Please share your story with us.

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