Being from London Ontario, we can pride ourselves on award winning hospitals and universities. But did you know that we have a huge list of celebrities that have hailed here and still do?

Here are some celebrities from London Ontario that you may not have known about.


Jenny Jones

If you are millennial then you grew up watching this talk show when you were home sick from school. Jenny Jones was a well known talk show host in the early 90’s. Also, a stand up comedian that attended Oakridge and Central Secondary schools in you guessed it! London Ontario. She made recent local news when she helped revitalize the playground in Springbank Park.


Also an alumn from Central Secondary School in London Ontario, Shad is a well known hip-hop artist that is rapidly rising to fame. With the latest being a show airing on Netflix titled Hip Hop Evolution.

David Suzuki

Ok, so you probably already knew this one. Or maybe you didn’t? Either way, this is not one to be forgotten. Again, an easy one for millennials. David Suzuki, an environmental activist you will most likely remember from his television show The Nature of Things. Again, a staple for young ones home on the couch.

Jack Warner

Now this is a great one. The driving force behind Warner Brothers Studios that created many films on televisions and movie screens world wide. Although he wasn’t a Londoner for very much of his life, we can take claim for a piece as he was in fact born here.


When researching celebrities from London Ontario, there are a lot of errors that come up. Lists that state certain A-listers come from the Forest City that in fact, do not.

An obvious one is Justin Bieber. The Biebs is in fact from Stratford Ontario, which is not far from London so that could be where the confusion lies. Another commonly mistaken Londoner is Rachel McAdams. She in fact hails from St. Thomas Ontario. And we true Londoner’s know there is a big difference between the two places.

The reason for these errors are likely due to London Ontario still being a relatively unknown city worldwide making the smaller communities around us just blend in.


What celebrities do you know that are from London Ontario? Share the names with us.

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