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Career Opportunities with The Agency Real Estate Brokerage


The Agency Real Estate Brokerage is a boutique style environment focusing on providing customized experiences for clients and team members alike.

We understand and appreciate each different style of learning and business and strive to ensure any member of our team feels well taken care of and as a necessary part of the whole.

Our Focus at The Agency Real Estate Brokerage

  • Simple and Predictable Compensation Packages

    We know and understand how hard you work for your money. In a commission based industry financial planning can some times be stressful with our compensation plans, the stress is removed and allows for simplified financial planning so you can get back to what you do best.

  • Modern, Accessible and Fully equipped Downtown Office Space

    When we think of Boutiques we think of beautiful modern spaces filled with luxury pieces in a comfortable setting. This is the direction we took when we created our downtown London office space. Fully accessible to all of our team members and their clients. Equipped with private meeting rooms and open collaborative working space.

  • Full Service Administration and Marketing Staff

    Highly knowledeable Full Service Admin Staff available. An in house marketing team available to create, or collaborate on all of your marketing ideas and plans.

  • Customized Training to Suit Your Specific Needs

    No two suits fit alike. The same goes for training. While some may wish to focus on social media and technology, others prefer basic lead generation or business building ideas and concepts. What ever you are after to help build and grow a successful real estate career, The Agency’s training team strives to offer a hands on learning experience custom built to your specific needs. Some of our training programs include:

    • Apprenticeship and Partnering Training
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Lead Generation and Follow Up
    • One to One Productivity and Accountability Coaching
    • Monthly Business Challenges to help you Exceed
    • Financial Planning for Successful Real Estate Business…. and so much more


Reach out to a member of our training team to receive a comprehensive list of all of our training programs.

No upscale boutique is the same as the next. Each are unique as is The Agency Real Estate Brokerage. Nothing traditional about us!

Be a part of us! We ARE The Agency!