Technology is king in every aspect of life these days.  Apps (mobile applications) can be used for just about everything, from losing weight to buying or selling your home. Although choices are abundant here is a list of the 2 best apps to use when selling your home.

This mobile version of the popular website  has a ton of real time, location based features that are great for both home buyers and sellers. When selling your home the app can be useful as it allows you to see active listings for sale near you. By using the mapping feature, you can pull up listings in real time, view the details and see how it compares to your own home. You can also see open houses, monitor price changes and if you no longer see the listing on the app that means it has sold. Hopefully not before yours.

The App your London Ontario Realtor Can Send You

Did you know that isn’t in fact instantaneous? It is updated regularly yes, however there is a chain of command it must go through. The listing, or sale must be reported through the local board, the data is then updated to This can sometimes take up to 24 hours. When selling your home ask your real estate agent to provide you with access to their back end system so you can be provided with actual real time data of homes available for sale in your area. This could be different depending on where you live but in London Ontario real estate agents (link) have a mobile application that functions similarly to however it is in fact real time. This app has a ton of other amazing features that allow you to save properties of interest and even communicate directly with your real estate agent regarding these homes for sale.

There are many tools and tricks that you can use when selling your home. Technology has evolved greatly in the world of real estate over the last decade or so allowing the world to be at your finger tips. There are many apps to use however in our opinion these 2 apps are a couple of the best.

What apps have you used when selling your home? We are always happy to hear others ideas and experiences.

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